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Local Community Green Ambassadors Recycling Campaign

Local Community Green Ambassadors Recycling Campaign

23rd June 2014


Greener on and off the pitch is Croke Park’s sustainability campaign focused on sharing the venue’s environmental sustainability activities and objectives.

At the Leinster Football Quarter Finals on Sunday 8th June, 25 Green Ambassadors from a local primary school on Gardiner Street joined the Croke Park sustainability team to help engage with and educate match patrons on responsible waste disposal.  


One of the main objectives for the stadium is to achieve 0% waste to landfill.  As most of the waste generated at the stadium is on match days, the key to reducing the amount going to landfill is to engage with and ask the fans to think about how they dispose of their waste.  Recycling bins are provided but patrons need to take a moment, look at the signs and use the correct bins to ensure that the waste is properly segregated and handled in an effort to Reduce – Reuse - Recycle. 

Martha Smithers, a member of the Sustainability Team worked with the Green Ambassadors on the day and said, “The Greener on and off the pitch campaign is committed to providing a safer, cleaner and resource efficient stadium.  We want to leave a legacy for future generations and we encourage our visitors join us on this journey.”

Ed Brennan, Facilities Officer at the venue said “One of Croke Park’s Greener on and off the pitch objectives is to achieve zero waste to landfill. We use a colour-coded system to segregate our waste - green for mixed dry recyclables, brown for compostable goods and red for everything else.”

The team encourages all visitors to the stadium on match and event days and visitors to the GAA Museum and tours to use the bins provided and help us to help the environment.   

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