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The Croke Park Classic 2014 - A Thrilling Encounter

The Croke Park Classic 2014 - A Thrilling Encounter

1st September 2014

We host Gaelic games almost every weekend from June to September at Croke Park with a good scattering in the early months of the year and the occasional event in October. Game or match days are what we do; what we are about; and we love them.

Occasionally there are other sporting events.  We hosted rubgy and soccer for a few years during the redevelopment of Lansdowne Road. Athletics were not unheard of once upon a long ago and it was 18 years since had our last American college football game at Croke Park when Navy played Notre Dame.  At the weekend, American football came back and the Croke Park Classic 2014 was another wonderful sporting occasion at Croke Park.

We would like to thank all the fans who travelled to the game and all those locally who attended.  To borrow a campaign line from our own Gaelic games... Nothing beats being there... It was a thrilling encounter and a fantastic spectacle.

We would like to acnowledge those involved in the Croke Park Classic last Saturday and thank you for making it such a wonderful event.  Read a piece by Aisling Crowe about the event here.

The Croke Park Classic - Where Passion and Power Collide