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Portobello Institute at Croke Park Open Day

Portobello Institute at Croke Park Open Day

  • 25th September 2014

If you are a student of Portobello Institute's Sports Faculty you will be studying in Irelands most iconic national stadium; Croke Park.

Now in its 2nd year of partnership, our sports students have the advantage of studying in state of the art training rooms overlooking the legendary pitch. As one of our students you can expect to be truly immersed into the spirit of this renowned stadium throughout your studies.This year Portobello Institute at Croke Park are delighted to add 2 new sports degree programmes to their schedule.

**BSc in Sports Therapy

As the Society of Sports Therapists set the competency benchmarks for membership, these are reflected in the topics studied throughout this degree. It is essential that the students develop an ability to problem solve and clinically reason. These skills are the foundations for accurate diagnosis and treatment formulation. The course aims to develop these critical and analytical skills to ensure that practice remains current but supported by a body of scientific knowledge. 

**BSc in Sports Science & Physical Education

The course is designed for those students considering entering the teaching profession. Students study a range of modules considering learning and teaching alongside the main sports science disciplines. Modules such as Practical Delivery in Sport & Physical Education, Inclusive Education and Contemporary Issue in PE provide the foundations for the Physical Education component. 

Both these programmes can be studied full time (3 years) or part time (4 years).


Further Sports Courses that can be studied at Portobello Institute at Croke Park;

Sports Science and Coaching Full Time

This course covers the scientific aspects of sport and exercise on human performance, endurance and capability. It is also an ideal course for those wishing to pursue a career in a professional coaching as it will equip the learner with the knowledge and practical skills to bring out the best in any athlete.

Sports Therapy Full Time

The Sports Therapy course focuses on three main areas:

1. Understanding and preventing sports injuries

2. Dealing with the effects of physical and emotional trauma surrounding sports injuries

3. The clinical process of returning athletes to peak fitness in the relevant sport.

Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer Part Time

This course can be studied full time or part time.

The course enables candidates to provide clients with personalised training programmes/sessions for their needs to improve overall fitness including strength, flexibility and cardio-respiratory function as well as detailed lifestyle advice to maintain all aspects of their health, fitness and well being.

Nutritional Advisor Part Time

The Nutritional Advisor (Diet & Nutrition) course will teach you how to recognise a diet that consists of foods that are balanced in their growth, maintenance and repair of the living body without harmful excesses. Students will gain a thorough understanding of the digestion system & the factors that interfere with digestion & dietary health.

Sports Psychology Part Time

The Sports Psychology course is designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to change behaviour in a sporting context. It will enable participants to develop an understanding of the psychological principles that underpin coaching techniques.

Sports Coaching Part Time

The Sports Coaching course aims to introduce the learner to the skills required to effectively coach an individual or team. As a sports coach, you will be able to identify the technical, tactical and team skills required for an individual or team to participate in a particular sport while promoting an enjoyable and positive experience for participants.

Sports Massage Part Time

In this qualification learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of the theory underpinning the practice of Sports Massage Therapy, including functional anatomy and physiology, nutrition, classification of sports injuries and the stages of healing.  It will also provide learners with the understanding, skills and techniques to plan, prepare for and apply a range of sports massage methods to uninjured clients. (Levels 3, 4 & 5 available)

Taping and Strapping Workshop

The Taping and Strapping Course is a one day course providing participants with a full understanding of sports taping and strapping. They will have the ability to identify the suitability of taping for specific soft tissue injuries.

The complete listing of all Sports Programmes here

Come and visit us at our open days in Croke Park (Cusack Stand Entrance), where you can speak to a dedicated sports course advisor on all our Sports programmes. 

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