Croke Park Stadium Facts and Figures

Stadium information



  • Croke Park has a capacity of 82,300 and is the third largest stadium in Europe after Barcelona’s Nou Camp and Wembley in London.


  • In 2013 over 1 million people visited Croke Park.
  • The largest attendance at Croke Park was in 1961 when 90,556 watched Down play Offaly in the All Ireland Football Final.


  • Croke Park is located 1km from Dublin City Centre.


  • Croke Park is a three tier stadium with 7 levels.
  • The total area cover by Croke Park is 700,000 sq ft – 16 acres.
  • Total area covered by the roof is 200,000sq ft – 5 acres.
  • There is over 30km of seats in the stadium and more than 5,000km of cabling and wiring.
  • The volume of concrete used during construction was 45,000 cu. m.
  • There was 2,000 tonnes of steel used in the roof of Croke Park
  • The pipe work used in the plumbing of the stadium covers 10,000 m.
  • Underground drainage covers 8,000 m.
  • There are approx 116 turnstiles and additional portable ones which are brought out for full house matches.


  • There are 463 huge lamps dotted all around the stadium – 435 attached to the roof and 28 attached to a mast at the Dineen Hill 16. Each lamp is 2,000 watts – giving the same amount of light as 2,000 candles. The floodlights are controlled by a central computer.
  • The €5million floodlight programme was the last part of the development programme. The stadium hosted its first floodlight match in front of a full house of 82,300 in February 2007 when Dublin met Tyrone in the Allianz National Football League.

Match Day

  • The media area is on Level 7 in the stadium – there are approx 145 seats: approx 90 for print journalists, 40 for radio and 15 for TV.
  • There are 93 corporate boxes, which are sold to businesses who want to bring clients to games. The boxes are on Level 6 in the stadium and contain between 12 – 33 seats.
  • The Davin bar on Premium Level 5 is the largest bar in Ireland and there are about 400 beer taps in total on this level.
  • There are approx 350 professional stewards and 250 voluntary stewards around the stadium on full house match days such as on an All Ireland Final Day. There are supervisors on each of the stands, pitchside, in the Ard Chomhairle section, dressing rooms, presentation, press and photography and a team supervisor.
  • Other officials on duty on match days include smoking wardens, litter wardens, electricians, maintenance staff, radio controller, groundsmen, ball boys, public address announcer and stiles people.