Please be aware that these All Star posters were digitised from hard-back originals; the copy purchased will be an exact copy of the above (without the watermark) i.e. containing all scratches and defects. Please click here to see the poster in greater detail.

1973 All Stars Poster
Added: 13 March 2013
Keywords: Anthony McGurk, Billy Morgan, Brian Murphy, Colm Doran, Denis Long, Eamon Grimes, Eddie Keher, Francis Loughnane, Frank Cogan, Jim O'Brien, Jimmy Barry Murphy, John Cooney, John O'Keefe, Kevin Kilmurray, Kevin O'Sullivan, Kieran Purcell, Liam O'Brien, Liam O'Neill, Liam Sammon, Martin Quigley, Mick Ryan, Noel Skehan, Pat Delaney, Pat Hartigan, Pat Henderson


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