The GAA Archive Acquisition Policy

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Archive Acquisition Policy

The GAA Archive

The GAA Archive, formed in 2007 as a department of the GAA Museum, is dedicated to identifying, acquiring, preserving and making accessible archives relating to the history, functions and development of the GAA. The GAA Archive provides a service to the Association and the wider researching public.

The mission of the GAA Archive is to achieve the highest standard in the performance of its core function:

"To identify and preserve collections of archives, papers and manuscripts that record the values, culture and history of the Association, Gaelic Games and individuals who have contributed to the Association"

The collection of material for the GAA Archive is directed by the GAA Archive's Acquisition Policy.

Archive Acquisition Policy

The GAA Archive is the official repository for those records of the Association (at national, provincial, county and club level) which are deemed to be of archival value. Records of the Association will be acquired by the GAA Archive according to a series of records retention schedules. Schedules will be devised, and agreed upon, between the creators of records and the GAA Archive to ensure the regular transfer of records to the Archive.

These records will be subject to a period of closure of 30 years. Archives containing sensitive, confidential or personal material will not be released to the public under any circumstances.

The GAA Archive will actively acquire records and archives that illustrate the history and development of the GAA, its games and personnel. This includes records currently being created by the Association and records now in private ownership.

Acquisition will occur through transfer, donation, purchase, bequest and, in exceptional circumstances, loan. Where an individual or organisation is unable to dispose of its records or where the records are of exceptional significance to the Archive, a long term loan will be considered. All loans will be agreed in writing and for a fixed term only, renewable in writing.
All acquisitions will be by prior agreement.

The GAA Archive reserves the right to refuse ad hoc transfers whatever the source.

All transfers, donations and loans will be confirmed in writing. A full and comprehensive record of all acquisitions will be maintained and preserved.

Material offered to the Archive will be considered on its archival/historical information value only. Records and archives will be accepted in every format, including, but not exclusively, manuscript, typescript, printed, machine readable, electronic, photographic, microform, artwork and film. Material will not be accepted however where the GAA Archive does not have the expertise to adequately provide for the records’ preservation, documentation, storage or access. Material which may pose a threat to the housed collections will not be accepted.

The GAA Archive will take due account of the acquisition policies of other archive repositories collecting in the same or related areas and will consult with such institutions where conflicts of interest may arise. The GAA Archive does not seek to compete for archives with other repositories, and seeks to avoid competition, conflict and duplication of effort with external repositories.

The GAA Archive reserves the right to refuse any item for the collection which does not adhere to this policy.

There is a strong presumption against the disposal of any items within the Archive collections.

This policy shall be reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure that it accurately reflects the changing needs and requirements of the GAA, the GAA Archive, its donors and users.