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The route to a successful career in Sport

The route to a successful career in Sport

18th June 2014


If you are thinking of training for a career in sport this year then Portobello Institute at Croke Park is a great start.

Now in its 2nd Year, Portobello Institutes sports department with Croke Park is going from strength to strength.  With state of the art training rooms overlooking the infamous pitch students are truly immersed into the spirit of GAA games at this legendary stadium.  Over the years the college has gained a strong reputation in industry for delivering engaging and career focused Diploma and Certificate courses.  Following on from the success of these full and part-time courses Portobello Institute at Croke Park is excited to launch two new degree programmes for the autumn; Sports Therapy and Sports Science and Physical Education. 

The BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy programme focuses on anatomy, human physiology and sports science.  Once the underpinning knowledge of these key areas is understood students progress on to client examination and assessment, protocol and rehabilitation, all of which prepare them for best practice as a sports therapist working with a team, in a clinic or as a self-employed practitioner.  Students carry out a number of case studies which sees them obtain a high level of clinical competence through practice and problem based learning.  The ability to analyse patient information and derive a diagnosis and treatment plan supported by current scientific and medical evidence is the main role of any practicing sports therapist.

The BSc (Hons) in Sports Science in Physical Education is designed for those considering entering the teaching profession. The programme focuses on sports science including psychology, human physiology and anatomy alongside the main sports science disciplines. A number of specific PE workshops make up the body of this comprehensive degree programme.  Modules such as Practical Delivery in Sport & Physical Education, Inclusive Education and Contemporary Issue in PE provide the foundations for the Physical Education component.  Throughout the programme student’s work on the practical science behind effective teaching and learning in sport specialising on the applied aspects of sports performance and physical education.  Upon completion graduates can gain employment as a sports scientists and teacher of physical education with a general scientific training along with an understanding of physical education and child development. 

Both new degree programmes can be studied either 3 years full time or 4 years part time. Programmes commencing in autumn 2014

For further information please contact Dave Turner or Shane Ferris on 01 892 0007

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