Croke Park Stadium. Home of the GAA Museum and Prime Dublin Visitor Attraction


"Well worth a visit!!!" - Visited December 2013, Yuka from Tokyo, Japan

The tour of the stadium was most enjoyable, it was great to be able to go behind the scenes of the impressive stadium. Our guide was very friendly and knowledgable. After the tour we visited the museum, it was interesting and a lot of fun in the activity area. Highly recommended.


Tony M from TripAdvisor - Visited December 2013

I would thoroughly recommend a visit to Croke Park in Dublin. Our guide Annette was interesting, entertaining, informative and passionate about the magnificent stadium and it's history. Any visitor to the great city of Dublin should include this iconic symbol of Irish identity and pride on their itinerary.

"Wow! Amazing Croke Park” - Visited November 2013, M. Bartel from New York City

What an excellent tour -- got to go ALL OVER Croke Park: locker rooms, players lounge, VIP section, top deck. Even if you have no knowledge of Gaelic Football or Hurling, you will be impressed. One of the highlights of our trip!

Submerged in GAA history, the history of an emerging modern state - 25th September 2012

Fascinating insight into cultural historical sporting development of modern Ireland . The colour pomp & symbolism is inspiring as Gaa grows into a global foot print of Irish diaspora & beyond . There's GAA clubs in the most unlikely places Argentina to Korea !

Really enjoyed it! - 15th September 2012

Me and my boyfriend visited on 13th September. Our tour guide was very enthusiastic and clearly loved the Irish games and Croke Park. We started with a short film about the preparation of the stadium for a match. We then got a tour of the stadium including the dressing room, the practise area and the players lounge. We then got to see the stadium from the upper tiers and get a birds eye view of the pitch...amazing! It was a brilliant tour and we really enjoyed it. The museum afterwards was good too! Definitely recommend a visit here if you're in Dublin. Its about a fifteen minute walk from O'Connell st.

Croke Park - 9th September 2012

The visit is very interesting, first you have the museum of GAA which explain you (specially when you are french and when you don't know anything about the gaellic games as i am) what are the games and their hystory and after that the visit of the stadium is amazing!!!

Lovely Tour - 2nd September 2012

I enjoyed every moment of visiting the stadium. The tour guide was brilliant and entertaining, gave a lot information. I was amazed by it all. I was only disappointed I could not go to the middle of the pitch even for a moment but I guess it's a rule for all the visitors. The museum was great too and I enjoyed the games.

Excellent Tour - 19th August 2012

We went on 29th July (Sunday morn) tour as we were in Dublin for weekend. We had been in Croker on many occasions for matches but had never done the museum tour. Our guide was John and he was excellent - informative and interesting - it gave us a whole new view of Croke Park and all that goes on there. He kept the attention and concentration of all group - we were only Irish on tour and I can say that he kept us all enthralled. Thoroughly enjoyable and well worth the money!!

Surprising! - 18th August 2012

I went for this Tour because it was included in my Dublin Pass, and I happened to be staying at the hotel across the street. Well! Who knew there was so much history associated with a Stadium? Was very interesting - I learned a lot - about the sport of hurling, and some Irish history. I was so fascinated, I've decided to go see the Hurling semi-finals tomorrow. Originally I was going to go to Kilkenny, but Kilkenny is playing tomorrow - the guide told me that this means all of Kilkenny will be at Croke Park.

Great value and a bid awe inspiring - 17th August 2012

The GAA museum is an interesting half hour, but the stadium tour is even better, and both are included in a very competitive price. The tour starts with a great little film and then the tour was comprehensive, with the highlight being walking out onto the pitch through the tunnel with recorded noise from last year's hurling final being played. Makes the hairs on your neck stand on end! Very enthusiastic and polite tour guide. One of the best attractions in Dublin.

Fascinating and enjoyable, even for anyone who doesn't like or understand sport! - 14th August 2012

I took the stadium tour round Croke Park with a friend on our recent trip to Dublin and can definitely recommend it, even for those not interested in the GAA or any of the sports played in the stadium. The tour starts off with a dramatic video to get you in the mood, and it really is an access all areas tour, as we were taken into the dressing rooms, the exec boxes, the VIP area and even got to sit in the best seat in the house - often occupied by the president of Ireland! One of my favourite parts of the tour was getting to walk out of the warm up room and down the corridor to the pitch used by all players, teamed with the sound effects of what they would be hearing on match days - it really was quite magical! The detail and trivia given by the tour guide was very interesting, and I found myself engrossed, even though I'm not Irish and don't know too much about gaelic football or hurling! Oh, and don't forget to take the tour of the roof top, where you walk over a bridge on the very top of the roof of Croke Park - the equivalent of 17 stories high, apparently!! Definitely worth a visit.

A Must-See when in Dublin - 13th August 2012

Every time I'm in Dublin, I make sure to find time for the stadium tour. The tour around the dressing rooms, player's lounge, premium level areas etc is interesting, entertaining and impressive. Bear in mind that this is the fourth largest stadium in Europe; an even more impressive achievement when you consider that it was developed by and belongs to an amateur sporting organisation instead of some super-rich soccer club! The GAA Museum never fails to awe and inspire, no matter how many times I wander through it. In addition to the permanent exhibits, there's usually a temporary exhibition, too. There is now also a separate tour available which is a roof-top (Skyline) tour. A metal walkway leads all along the stadium roof, affording excellent views of Dublin city, in adddition to the thrill of wearing a safety harness!

Casbacasba from TripAdvisor-19th June 2012

You seen one statium seen them all???? I was under that impression, but I actually had a great time. The tour wasn't boring, but very informative and we had a few giggles along the way. Next time we will to the skywalk becaues that looks fun! I would recommend this tour for anyone planning a visit to Dublin.

Dubfam from tripAdvisor- 16th June 2012

I really really wasn't expecting to enjoy this tour as much as I did but it was fantastic! They show a film at the start about getting the grounds ready for a big match day and all the work that goes on behind the scenes - it was very emotive and really captured the excitement of match day. Going out onto the pitch and hearing the crowd roar as the players would hear them was fantastic. The talk about the history of the stadium was actually very informative and our tour Guide did a great job of pitching it to our group which was mainly 8 year old kids......they all seemed to enjoy it. Highly recommend this tour even for people who have no interest in GAA it is very entertaining.

Batch 1990 from TripAdvisor-14th June 2012

Slightly worried we'd be lumbered with all the school trips that happened to be visiting midweek too but thankfully we had a separate tour. A small group actually, only 7 of us! 

You get to see a short film to give you an idea of Gaelic sports and all the people that work behind the scenes at the stadium. Throughout the tour you see all aspects of the stadium - changing rooms, bar and hospitality, boxes, press rooms, etc. 

The stadium itself is amazing - huge! And lots of technology such as heating underneath the turf itself and auto sprinklers. 

The museum is a good laugh too - besides the historical info there's games where you can test your skills to see if you could cut it in Gaelic athletics! 

Not really near much else so could be worth hopping a taxi to get here but worth a visit.

sullivankzs from TripAdvisor - 22nd April 2012

Stadium tour is excellent! Find a brochure, or check the website to find exact tour times. Not to be missed. After the tour, walk through the museum (2 floors). Our tour guide was an enthusiastic GAA member and spoke with pride about the unique sports, the organization and the stadium. Tour is at least 90 minutes. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes in the museum, but you could spend so much more time. 

It's a long walk, or short cab ride, from O'Connell street/Garden of Remembrance/Writers Museum. It's easy to find b/c the park is huge, you can see it above the surrounding buildings. However, there is only one entrance for the museum & tour. If you end up on the wrong street, it's a l-o-n-g walk around the block.

Add this to your list of sites to visit in Dublin. It's a nice change from all the Writers, Castles, and churches.


Marty Burt from Machaire Rátha South Derry : Visited March 17th 2012

We are an Irish language Youth Club based in Machaire Rátha in South Derry.  The trip to Dublin on Lá Fheile Pádraig is an annual event for us taking in some of the parade and then onto Croke Park for the games.  Every year has been a fantastic experience for our group of young people.

This year however, we dispensed with going into town for the parade and 'parked up' at Croke Park for the day, taking a stadium tour trí mhéan na Gaeilge, spent a few hours in the Museum and then settled back to enjoy the games.  We had almost 30 young people on this trip with 3 leaders also and everybody was thrilled by the whole experience.  The majority of our young people are GAA mad anyway but this day surpassed all their expectations.  There are a small number who go on the trip for the 'craic' but they can't believe how much they actually enjoyed the day.  I've never saw a group so enthused by a day out like it, and that's saying something! 

The day was fantastic and a special thanks must go to Julianne who helped co-ordinate everything for us in the weeks before the trip and was on hand on Saturday to help us in any way possible.  Everything was organised for us which ensured the day run smoothly and this is not easy to do with almost 30 teenagers on board.  A massive massive thanks also must go to John who took our group tour 'as Gaeilge'.  He was fantastic, so enthuastic about his job, Croke Park and the great institution that is the GAA.  The tour itself is fantastic (I've done it 3 times now and it never ceases to amaze me) and is such a learning experience for these young people. The match day tour, especially on Club Final Day, makes it so much more special with the atmosphere building every minute.  The time they spent in the museum was also an educational experience.  We even got a photo with Donal O'Grady (TG4)!!!!  Without people like Julianne and John, the sense of enjoyment that this group of people had would not be possibe. 

I just wanted to drop you a note to pass on my thanks to them especially, but to the other staff members at Croke Park who helped us in any way possible.  They are credit to Croke Park and the GAA. 

Beir bua,

Máirtín Birt

Auburn Starlet from : Visited January 18th 2012

First off I haven't got a clue about Gaelic Football or Hurling or should I say hadn't until we went here. 

My partner and I got Dublin passes for 3 of our 7 days in Dublin and decided to do as much as we could with them whether it was something we'd usually do or not. So me knowing nothing about the sports and my partner knowing very little we we're a bit nervous that we would seem stupid going to Croke Park really. We didn't plan a time on arriving and didnt know when the tours would be but managed to time it 50 minutes before a stadium tour started which was brilliant because it gave us plenty of time to look around the GAA museum, we learnt the basics and read a bit about the history although we could have read a lot more we wanted to get upstairs and have a go ourselves! 

Once we got upstairs we found some brilliant interactive games to test reaction speed, balance, hurling, gaelic football and one to see how high you could jump to catch the ball... at a mere 5'4" I was quite impressed with myself for getting to 3 off the top of the height scale, although I did nearly faceplant at one point! 

We finished a little earlier then we expected so nipped to the cafe for a drink, we weren't hungry so didn't eat anything but the food smelt and looked delicious and was very reasonable prices especially considering how expensive we found the rest of Dublin. 

At this point I have to say I have forgot the tour guides name, i'm terrible with names and we met quite a few people in Ireland so i'm really sorry Mr Tour Guide :-( He was brilliant though, so knowledgeable and passionate but he didn't give you so much information that you felt your head may explode although if you asked a question he could answer them. A nice balance. The Stadium really was amazing and the history behind it was fascinating. All of the staff we met were very friendly and happy to have a chat. 

I think this would be a great one for everyone and kids will enjoy the games.

GreystonesLW from : Visited January 9th 2012

We took my 7 year old and 4 of his friends on the tour as a birthday treat. Also had my 5 year old and 3 year old with us. Great tour guide, really interesting seeing all over the stadium for all ages and great value as was able to use premier vouchers so just had to pay for family ticket. Ran out of time in the museum as had to go eat but kids would have been happy there for another hour playing the games. Easiest birthday ever!

Eno T from : Visited Novemebr 14 2011

We visited the GAA museum and the stadium on November 14 (day before the Ireland-Estonia soccer match). Thank you very much for the tour. It was very interesting and educative. The guide was really fantastic.

The Croke Park Stadium and the museum were definitely highlights of our Dublin visit!  The information about Gaelic games was very impressive!

Actually, the tour, the stadium and the museum gave more ideas about Ireland than other (also very interesting) places.

Go raibh míle maith agat.

Missminiboss from : Visited December 2011

I've done the tour twice as I enjoyed it so much! The tour guide, Annette, was great. Really enjoyed her! Really recommend the tour to both tourists and locals.

MOG 1979 from : Visited November 2011

Croke Park is a must see for a visit to Dublin (I've just been for a 4 day trip with my brother).

In all we saw famine ship, stout production, Whiskey production, Chester Beatty Gallery, museum, Christchurch and Viking mus., Trinity Co, various gardens. All were very good and well publicised, however Croke Park is not as well publicised but was well up there with everything we saw. 

Even though we had never seen a gaelic game at all not comming from Ireland (Welsh) Croke Park is very attached to the modern history of Ireland (web search Bloody Sunday - Croke Park). It is also an impressive stadium in its own right even by modern standards, with a full stadium tour and a museum guiding the roots of the sports as well as trophies and even a chance to try a Hurling Stick or a Gaelic Football in a netted area of the museum.

Captn_Belly review from : Visited May 2011

I've done a couple of stadium tours in my time, having been round Hampden and the San Siro, as well as having visited Old Trafford and Anfield for matches. But there's so much more to Croke Park than that...Firstly, it is a hassle to get to. It's not on the DART, although there is a suburban train stop nearby. Or, if you fancy it, it's a decent length walk from O'Connell street...But once you get there, it's worth it. The stadium itself is a magnificent arena - arguably one of the best in Europe. And as someone who knows nothing about Gaelic games, it did cross my mind that the tour may have been on a level I wouldn't get. But the tour was conducted with real wit by our guide, who was clearly passionate about his job, and the pride he took in showing this stadium off to us was obvious.Credit, also, for a degree of balance in the tour. Clearly, no tour of Croke Park is going to gloss over the events of Bloody Sunday, but that day was presented in a fair manner - when it would be very easy to cast in an "Irish good, British bad" light, we did get the full story, including the assassinations of British intelligence officers that morning, which led to the massacre. And finally, there's the museum. It's difficult for me to talk on this, since I don't really understand the sport, and I'm sure people who grow up watching, or even playing, gaelic games will get more out of it than I did. But it's informative, especially about the role the GAA played in struggle for Irish independance, and there's always the interactive exhibits if you fancy a go yourself.

Fluffy 827 from Visited Novmeber 2011

I arrived about 1:30 for the 3:00pm stadium tour and found I still didn't have enough time to spend in the museum. Wonderful accounts of the role the GAA played in the Irish cultural revival and later, in Irish Independence and nation-building. The "test your skills" bit upstairs is great - my Dad, my boyfriend and I spent a good playing with the hurley and with this funny coordination game. The stadium tour was great - wonderful guide. I've been living in Ireland for five years and have never watched any of the GAA sports, but I think I'll give them a go now!

Finntilly from : Visited October 2011

We took the tour here after it was recommended to us. It's well worth a visit we tought it was a super tour it was great to see all the places in the stadium you'd never get to see.Our tour guide Annette was great full of nuggets of info!! The museum Is also very interesting and the skills area is great crack! In total we spent about 3 hrs at the stadium great value for money.

danny7147 from : Visited October 2011

This is the 3rd largest sports stadium in Europe, and the home of the Irish gaelic games, of which we knew absolutely nothing before we went! That didn't detract from the marvel of the place.The tour itself is fantastic, with a limit of 6 people allowed on each tour. You get to see the VIP areas, changing rooms, and also walk the spot where the medal is lifted, absolutely fantastic!The museum is only really of interest if you know something of gaelic games, but that said, at the top is a little interactive sports area where you can actually play them for yourself! We spent a laughter filled hour trying to do it, and believe me, it's hilarious!Croke Park is slightly out of town, but catch a 123 bus and it'll drop you a 5 minute walk from it.

Mícheál Kilcrann, St. Patrick's Boys School

Can I take this opportunity to afford you and the staff but in particular Philip who took my school group on Friday a heartfelt thanks. His manner, and patience, as well as his enthusiasm for his position in Croke Park were very much in evidence, and was warmly welcome.

I never for a moment thought that the tour might go ahead when I booked it after Dublin secured a place in the final, and having booked it the following day (prior to schools even returning) I was nervously waiting for a call to say that given the final weekend, there would be no tours...but thankfully this was not the case.

The lads thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip and they even managed a glimpse of Sam Maguire on the way too. It really was a magical day for them to visit, for historical reasons that they too will realize in the years to come!!!!

Well done to one and all on a great resource that is on our doorstep..... I write as a Roscommon man, but as a truly dedicated Dublin fan for the past number of years too!!

Go Neiri go geal libh, and pass my kind regards to Philip on behalf of the lads, up the dubs!!

Patricia Moore, Carryduff Retirement Association, October 2011

First of all, on behalf of Carryduff Retirement Association, I would like to thank all for the wonderful visit you gave us on the Wednesday 5th October. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and were really interested in the history and daily routine of Croke park. Our tour guide showed tremendous enthusiasm and imparted his vast knowledge of the GAA in a very informative way. I am currently writing a report on our visit for the parish magazine and I wonder if you would be so kind as to e-mail our tour leader's name.  Again, thank you for all your help with regard to our visit.

dlinsyann from, visited October 2011

This was a surprising find, because i don't like sports but my boyfriend does. So instead of dragging him to another historical museum or church, i found the GAA museum. The history of the games is actually fascinating and super important to their war for independence and civil war. Great old footage of the games. And the site of Bloody Sunday. The best part is you get to try your skills at hurling and gaelic football! it was so fun, definitely a must-do for anyone who likes sports and even those who normally don't, like me, will still have a great time! great for kids too if they are sick of boring museums and churches. 

People to People Student Ambassador Program, 22nd August 2011

"I was really looking forward to trying Gaelic Football," Cusano said. "It was really fun to see and it was exactly what we were expecting."

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalous Association of Ireland, 15th August 2011

The tour guide we had - John Campbell - made the tour. In a word he was simply amazing and the best tour guide I have ever had. He was engaging, funny, knowledgeable and brilliant with all the group. The group were amazed with the tour and access they were given.

Jimmy Keane, 26th July 2011

All involved were delighted with every aspect of our trip which didn’t get back to Rosemount till after 11.00pm. The Croke park experience-food was excellent. Our tour guide did a brilliant  job on the City sightseeing tour and Lucan Sarsfields really pulled out all the stops in finishing off a great day.

Holly Hill, July 2011

My self and my husband went to Croke Park on Wed the 27th july 2011. I really didnt want to go as I hate football. We paid our money and we were told the next tour was at 4pm. We strolled around the museum for a half hour until tour was announced. Our tour guide was Derek, he was a very imformative man. We walked all around the beautiful stadium and we got to sit on the highest seats in the stadium. It was an unbelievable experience, i love the place now. Derek was such a wonderful man to listen to, he spoke so respectful of the organisation of the GAA and of the whole stadium. I am converted. I am so sorry that my children werent there with us. It is a wonderful experience for the whole family. Please take your children here. I am converted, I love the place and derek was an unbelieveable guide. 

Mary McGrath, 11th July 2011

Just emailing the 'powers that be' to say that my family and I had a lovely tour of Croke Park and also a museum visit today. The whole experience is a credit to the association. In particular, I wanted to say thanks to the lovely tour guide we had. We were on the 11am tour and I think her name was Annette. She was a treat to have as a guide, full of interest and enthusiasm and made the whole tour a real adventure. Please pass on our thanks again to her for our lovely tour and be sure not to let her leave to go and work somewhere else!

Valerie Murphy, 25th June 2011, Bennekerry N.S.

Thank you and your team for the excellent tours of Croke Park our school enjoyed on Thursdays (16th & 23rd June respectively). I would like to compliment Derek in particular for his pleasant manner and the professional way which he dealt with a child in our group who displayed a severe phobia in relation to heights. Another kind official came to our rescue too and discreetly directed us to the lift. It's such a friendly attitude which makes one proud to be Irish!

Edwina Muldowney, 1st May 2011, St. Columba's

Just a few lines to say "Thank you" for making our outing so memorable. From the 'word go' we received a warm and friendly welcome. Our tour started with a talk and film in the theatre - the talk was intently listened to by us (Kilkenny followers) our group included former club players, spouses of county players and some who had played in Croke Park. On the stadium tour we sat in the dressing room where the Kilkenny team would be sitting the next day (I'm afraid we didn't bring them any luck). Any questions asked by the tour guides were known immediately by our well informed group.

First we viewed the pitch close up from the sideline - I think everyone got a thrill when they came out from the tunnel onto the pitch, then from high up we had the view from the Commentary Boxes. Next we went to the Corporate box where we were treated to a 5 star lunch and treated like VIPs'. The view onto the pitch was stunning and caused many emotions as some gazed upon the pitch bringing back a flood of memories. Having enjoyed a wonderful meal - with comments of "I've never had such a lovely meal", and plenty of conversation we were ready for more.

The next stop - The GAA Museum - There was so much to see we could have stayed there all day. Our group could be heard with excited voices both upstairs and downstairs as they viewed the many memorabilia. Reading the interesting information at each view point - gathering together if they read something they hadn't known before and sharing information, but, eventually we had to leave and head off on our bus journey to our homes in Kilkenny.

As we left Croke Park we took the last group picture and agreed that no money could have paid for the VIP experience we had just felt and happy faces boarded the bus. The journey back was a little quieter but raised voices could be heard again as we passed Gowran and talked about our day. Our experience of the day was magical and all were left with a good feeling that they had been treated like VIPs' for the day. Again thanking you for your kindness and ecspcially the consideraton you showed to our group. 

Helena O’Hara 28th April 2011, St Columba’s Day Care Centre

What  a great day was had by all of us from St Columba’s Day Care Centre on Saturday April 28th. We were given every courtesy possible, a great tour, excellent food served up by great staff and nothing a problem. I will be certainly recommending it to others. They all want to go back plus more who are sorry they did not come. I was proud to be a GAA person and would love to spend more time myself browsing the museum and footage when my husband and cousins played back in the 70/80’s.

Margaret Hyland 20th April 2011, LAPWD

I wish to acknowledge and sincerely thank our guide Derek for a wonderful tour. We all had a fabulous time and we learned a lot of new things about Croke Park.  It is an awesome place and a wonderful asset to our country something we are all very proud of. On behalf of Leitrim Association of People with Disabilities (LAPWD) I wish to thank all who helped us on the day.
We had a lovely time. 


Elizabeth O'Rourke 8th April 2011, Tripadvisor

I went on the Croke Park Tour with a community group I work with and we all had a lovely afternoon. Our tour guide Derek was excellent - obviously a real GAA man and a fan so his passion made it all the better. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, sometimes when I take a group places there can be hassle or just not support from the people running things, but on this tour and in the museum all the staff were welcoming. We all learned a lot. Thanks!

Tommy Maher, Scoil Naomh Fiachra 6th April 2011

Just a note to say thanks for a most enjoyable visit to Croke Park last Thursday.  It was a memorable occasion for all the pupils and even though we also visited the Tutankhamun Exhibition it was Croke Park that emerged as the highlight of the day.
That was no surprise to those of us who are frequent visitors, but it certainly was a surprise to those parents and pupils on the trip who have never been there before.
And it wasn't just the facilities that were impressive either, several people commented on the friendliness and knowledge of the staff and how everyone seemed to have a genuine interest in Croke Park and the GAA.  A special word of thanks to our guide, who was exceptional and created an exciting atmosphere for the children. He also stressed something that we have been emphasising in our small club - respect for the team and respect for the jersey.
They almost felt they were going out for an All-Ireland Final - maybe some day one of them will be!

Services for Older Persons, Kevin Brady

Just a quick note to say a very big thank you to all of the staff in Croke Park last Friday. All of the participants of our tournament and our volunteers could not have spoken any higher of you all, the content of the tour and what was on offer.

Thanks for your assistance in helping organize things as well. Without doubt, it was a very positive move from our perspective to make the trip and I will recommend to anyone who is doing anything similar.

The Royal School Cavan, Claire Forde

I am writing this email to thank you for the experience.  We arrived half an hour before our tour was due to commence and we were very well accommodated.  The time of the tour was changed to suit our early arrival.
The tour guide was extremely interesting and was able to relate to the pupils very well and tell them snippets of information very relevant to Co. Cavan. 

Sean O’Regan

On behalf of everyone on the trip yesterday can I sincerely thank each of you for the part you played in making our trip an outstanding success.  Everything thankfully went off without a hitch and the feedback from everyone was that it was one of the best.

Regards and thanks again for giving us all a wonderful day.
Please pass on our thanks also to your staff.

Jane Hovenden

Just a quick note to say that we all had a brilliant time on Sunday. Mum had a ball and would like to thank everyone who made her day, month and even her year!!!! She saw the house where she was born and of course where she took her first steps in life on the pitch.
Many thanks again.

Newtown National School, James Kelly

My class and I visited the Croke Park Museum and stadium today. We thoroughly enjoyed it and thank you for your hospitality.
However, more so I am contacting you to compliment our tour guides sheer excellence and professionalism - that of John Campbell!  John came to meet us outside the museum with a warm welcome and we felt at home before we went any further.
He was interactive, understanding and enthusiastic at all times. He answered every question thrown at him and made history jump off the page.
The children loved him! Certainly, in my career as a student and teacher I have never experienced a better tour than that conducted by John.  His storytelling skills were brilliant i.e. that of Cú Chulainn. Not only that, but his blas Ghaeilge was beautiful to listen to and the way he weaved it throughout the tour was admirable. The kids came home today quoting little phrases of Gaeilge, plus Gaeilge is a big thing in my book. It really linked the whole Irish culture together. John's love of the Irish culture was very visible today. I think it's brilliant that someone like John is there to pass on some of our heritage.
It is an experience that some children who are lucky enough may experience a few times, but for the majority of my class it was a 'once off' experience and it was John that made that experience a good one.  I could sit here and list a load of positive words to describe John Campbell, but when it comes down to it, he took our school in today and looked after us with immense care and professionalism. I wish him and all the staff the best in the future and hope to visit it again soon.
Thank you for a brilliant day John. Go raibh míle maith agat agus go n-éirí an bóthar leat!