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Resources for Teachers

The GAA Museum has published a primary schools teachers resource pack entitled A History of the GAA - From Cú Chulainn to Shefflin. This resource pack is designed to help primary school teachers plan an educational visit to the GAA Museum in Croke Park.

Get your Copy

To receive a copy of the pack please email us. Full copies of the pack are also available to download in pdf format below.

Primary School Teachers Resource Pack

Resource Pack Contents

The pack includes information on the GAA Museum primary school education programme along with ten different curriculum-linked GAA topics. Each topic includes teacher’s notes and classroom resources and has been chosen for its cross-curricular value. This resource pack contains everything you need to plan a successful, engaging and meaningful visit for your class to the GAA Museum.

Teachers Notes

Teachers notes provide background information on ten different GAA topics which can be used when devising a lesson plan.

Classroom Resources

Classroom resources include suggested discussion topics, activities and/or questions. These resources are designed to be photocopied and used in the classroom either in preparation for a GAA Museum visit or as follow up work after a visit has taken place. 

The Legend of Cú Chulainn - Teacher's Notes & Classroom Resources

Seven Men in Thurles - Teacher's Notes &Classroom Resources

Famous Matches: Bloody Sunday 1920 - Teacher's Notes & Classroom Resources

Famous Matches: Thunder and Lightning Final 1939 - Teacher's Notes & Classroom Resources

Famous Matches: New York Final 1947  - Teacher's Notes & Classroom Resources

History of Croke Park - Teacher's Notes & Classroom Resources

Heroes from the Past - Teacher's Notes & Classroom Resources

Heroes of Today - Teacher's Notes & Classroom Resources

Women and the GAA - Teachers Notes & Classroom Resources

All-Ireland Glory - Teachers Notes & Classroom Resources