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Secondary School History Essay Competition

Secondary School History Essay Competition

12th January 2010

The GAA Museum, in conjunction with The Irish Times, is delighted to announce the launch of a SecondarySchools History Essay Competition open to all transition year students.

The aim of the competition is to encourage transition year students to undertake a detailed inquiry into the history of the GAA.

Applicants must pick from a list of topics; decide what sources are relevant to this topic and conduct research using the sources identified.The GAA Museum will, when requested, offer advice to all applicants on the sources available per essay topic; advice will also be given on how best to access these sources.

Essays will be judged on many factors including level and depth of original research; evaluation and interpretation of facts and sources; presentation of evidence within the essay.
The closing date for all essays is the 1st of March 2010.

List of topics applicants can choose from

  1. The History of Croke Park
  2. The GAA and Irish Nationalism 1884-1921
  3. The GAA Abroad
  4. Bloody Sunday- 21st November 1920
  5. The work of a General Secretary of the Association -either Luke O’Toole (1901-1929) or Padraig O’Caoimh (1930-1964)
  6. The GAA in Ulster

For more information on the competition contact the Museum Archivist, Mark Reynolds at

For competition rules please click here