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The Olympic Torch Visits Croke Park

6th June 2012


The Olympic Flame came to Croke Park this morning as crowds gathered around the stadium to witness the historic event.

Kilkenny hurling legend Henry Shefflin was given the honour of carrying the torch around the stadium, with the main part of the ceremony seeing the 10-time All Star bringing the iconic flame around the new Etihad Skyline at the top of the stadium.

The torch arrived at the stadium under Garda escort early this morning after being brought from Howth, with Henry Shefflin emerging with the torch on the Etihad Skyline just after 9am to cheers and applause from those lucky enough to be inside Croke Park. 

Shefflin went up to the walkway last week to try to prepare for the event but he said experiencing the real thing simply couldn't be prepared for. 

"I did a dry run last week to make sure I was used to the height and stuff like that, but it was totally different because today I was just focused on the torch and the honour of holding it. You kind of forget what's there and where you are."

He did a full circuit of the Etihad Skyline from the Cusack Stand over to the Hogan Stand, before coming down into the stands with the torch and then finally onto Jones's Road, where he ran with the flame, waved to the excited crowds, and passed it over to Garda Brian Brunton at Fitzgibbon Street.

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