Dara O'Briain Reaches New Heights at Croke Park

Dara O'Briain Reaches New Heights at Croke Park

18th May 2012


Popular comedian’s voice to feature in Etihad Skyline Tour at Croke Park Stadium.

The much-anticipated Etihad Skyline tour at Croke Park opens to the public on Friday 1st June and Dara O’Briain looks set to reach new heights with the announcement that he will provide the introduction to the narrative which visitors will hear through their audio guides as they take the tour. 

A life-long fan of Ireland’s national games, Dara O’Briain is a regular attendee at matches in what he calls the "Cathedral of Irish Sport" and he now has a small part in Croke Park’s history, without having had to impress on the pitch!

 The Etihad Skyline tour offers spectacular panoramic views of Dublin City and its surroundings and is expected to become one of the most popular attractions in the country.

Commenting on the announcement, Dara O’Briain said, “It is an enormous honour for me to be voicing a welcome to the Etihad Skyline Tour at Croke Park Stadium. Croke Park is such an iconic and historic stadium, already one of the finest sporting venues in the world. The guaranteed excitement of a visit to Croke Park can be literally taken to a new level, now that that you will be able to access the roof and take in the most spectacular views of Dublin. I’m really looking forward to taking the tour when I’m next at home.”

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