1932 Tailteann Games medal donated to the GAA Museum

1932 Tailteann Games medal donated to the GAA Museum

4th January 2012

1932 Tailteann Games gold medal for Dramatic Arts donated to the GAA Museum

The GAA Museum, through the kind donation of Ann Mealia, recently accessioned a gold 1932 Tailteann Games medal to its collection.

The gold medal was won by Ann’s father, Walter Noel Morrison, who achieved first place in the Dramatic Art section of the 1932 Tailteann Games. The Literary, Industrial and Art, Music and motor-cycling racing sections of the Tailteann Games were the only competitions open to professionals; all other sections could only be contested by amateurs. Throughout the 1932 Tailteann Games Dramatic Arts competitions were run in the Gate Theatre between 2 July 1932 and 10 July 1932, inclusive, under the directorship of the Earl of Longford.

This gold medal is now available to view in the Tailteann Games section of the GAA Museum. 

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