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Articles on the history of the GAA

Below are a series of articles on key events and personalities of the GAA's history. These articles were written using the archives of the GAA and published in the Irish Times throughout 2009, as part of the GAA Museum’s 125 celebrations. Please click on a link below to view the article:

  1. A Biography of Michael Cusack
  2. The Foundation of the Gaelic Athletic Association
  3. The 1887 Split
  4. The 1888 American Invasion Tour
  5. The Purchase of Croke Park
  6. Bloody Sunday, 1920
  7. The GAA; 1916-1924
  8. The GAA and the Tailteann Games
  9. The Removal of Douglas Hyde as Patron of the Association, 1938
  10. The GAA in America pre-1947
  11. The 1947 Polo Grounds Final
  12. Amateurism v Professionalism - The 1954 debate
  13. Luke O’Toole, General Secretary of the GAA 1901-1929
  14. Padraig O'Caoimh, Secretary of the GAA 1929-1964