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Bloody Sunday Military Inquiry File

Reference code: GAA/BS/001
Title: Proceedings of the Military Enquiry into the events 
          surrounding Bloody Sunday
Dates: c. December 1920
Level of Description: Collection level
Extent: c.200pp


Biographical history
Three separate, but connected, events took place on the 21st of November 1920 which led to the day becoming known as ‘Bloody Sunday’. Early that morning Michael Collins’ ‘Squad’ assassinated 14 British intelligence agents in their suburban homes. That afternoon the British forces entered Croke Park, while Dublin and Tipperary were playing a challenge football game, and opened fire on the crowd, killing 14 people including the Tipperary player, Michael Hogan. Later that evening three high-ranking Dublin I.R.A. officers, Dick McKee, Peadar Clancy and Conor Clune, were arrested and killed by the British forces.

Content and Structure
The file contains the proceedings of the military enquiry held into the Croke Park shootings. The file is a photocopy of the original file held in the British National Archives, Kew (original reference number WO 35/88). The military enquiry was held in camera under the Defence of the Realm Act; the documents contain no indication of when the enquiry was held or in what location. The personnel of the three man inquiry consisted of Major R. Bunbury, President; Lieutenant S.H. Winterbottom and Lieutenant B.J. Key.

The file contains two sets of documents (one handwritten and one typed) which contain the eyewitness testimonies of 30 witnesses. The content of both sets of documents is near identical. Included are the testimonies of the British Forces (Military, R.I.C. and Auxiliary), Ambulance-men, Firemen, Spectators and the Manager of Croke Park, Luke O’Toole. The identities of all military or police witnesses are withheld. Appended to the report is a copy of the unsigned order given by a Brigade Major to the RIC containing details of the operation to surround Croke Park.

Conditions of Access and Use

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