Master Cheerleading ahead of the Croke Park Classic

Ever dreamed of being a cheerleader?  Getting to wear the iconic outfit, shake the pompoms and bust some moves. In advance of the Croke Park Classic American football game coming to Dublin this month, we have put together some classic cheerleading moves to master ahead of the game between University Central Florida and Penn State on the 30th of August.  Thousands of tourists from America, the UK and Europe will flock to the city to watch these colleges ‘face off’ in the first game of the season and we want to make sure that you have your cheerleading moves ready to welcome the teams to Ireland.

To start off, you could try out a few simple jumps. These include the T jump, the pencil jump and the toe touching jump. These together with the basics motions will ensure that you have a great routine. The basic motions involve leg and arm movements and are quite easy to follow. They include the L and V motions, the buckets and the candle sticks and most importantly the touchdown move.

The touchdown move is used when the football teams score a touchdown and involves you cheering on the team by placing both arms directly overhead and tight against your ears with your palms facing each other.

Temple Bar will become a Croke Park Classic fanzone over the weekend from Thursday, August 28th to Sunday August 31st providing travelling fans and locals with an area to mix and mingle and get behind their chosen teams. Both teams Pep Rallies will be hosted here on Friday 29th and the pre-game Tailgate Party will also take place here on the morning of Saturday 30th. Here, you will have the opportunity to see their cheerleading troops from the United States perform some of their signature moves and hopefully you’ll be able to recognise some moves and even try some out yourself!

Dublin Bus will offer a complimentary shuttle service from Temple Bar to Croke Park to take fans from the Tailgate to the game. To see the full guide to all Croke Park Classic events, download the GridIron Guide Dublin.

Tickets are on sale for the Croke Park Classic through and