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Kieran Mulvey Report

27th June 2014

The GAA and Croke Park Stadium have received the report of the independent mediator Kieran Mulvey, Chief Executive of the Labour Relations Commission, on concerts and special events at Croke Park.

We acknowledge his work and that of another public official Senan Turnbull in taking on this task. We appreciate the time given to all the parties, including residents’ representatives, the GAA, the GardaĆ­, Dublin City Council and all others who, as the report says, want and desire, like ourselves, to have a more constructive and worthwhile engagement.
The GAA engaged wholeheartedly in this process as it wishes to have a better relationship around the planning, holding and licensing of concerts and special events in Croke Park Stadium and therefore accepts the recommendations of the report.
The GAA and Croke Park Stadium welcome Mr Mulvey’s recommendation for one single representative body for the wider area.
While the report has financial implications for the GAA, most notably in the number of events and consecutive events that can be held at Croke Park, along with further financial obligations, we accept Mr Mulvey’s recommendations.
The Association agrees to a one off investment in a legacy project or projects to the value of €500,000 and a 20% increase in the Stadium’s annual Community Fund bringing the revised figure to €120,000 per annum. This fund has already invested over €500,000 in local community projects. The GAA and Croke Park Stadium are also committed to working with Dublin City Council on the area regeneration and redevelopment project around Croke Villas to incorporate a new GAA Club and Handball Centre through the investment of €11m.
The GAA hopes all parties will accept Mr Mulvey’s recommendations and comments.